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If your Mac has a SuperDrive, you can create professional quality DVDs that rival the movie discs that Hollywood offers. iDVD comes with several templates that let you design multimedia DVDs showcasing your movies, photos, and music. It integrates seamlessly with iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes to give you access to all your media as you put together your DVD. Here's how to use it to create your own multimedia DVD.
iDVD window
iDVD lets you create visually compelling DVDs, just drag and drop content and off you go!

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Watch these tutorial videos to get started creating your own DVD!
Tip: Use the built-in iDVD Help guide on your Mac (in iDVD, choose Help and then iDVD Help) to get more in depth and use iDVD like a pro! Visit the iDVD Support page and the Discussion Forums where you can get more help from other iDVD users.

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