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If you want to quickly assemble a few video clips or fine-tune your masterpiece, iMovie is the perfect place to do it all. Plug in virtually any digital camcorder and iMovie starts importing your video. Drag and drop to create sophisticated edits, dazzling special effects, and smooth transitions. Integrate cool sound effects or add your own rocking soundtrack made with GarageBand, then share your movie with the world. Here's an introduction to movie-making the iMovie way.

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iMovie editing window
iMovie makes it easy and simple for you to polish up your movies and add in songs or pictures.
Watch these tutorial videos to get started creating your movie!
Tip: Use the built-in iMovie Help guide on your Mac (in iMovie, choose Help and then iMovie Help) to get more in depth and use iMovie like a pro! Visit the iMovie Support page and the Discussion Forums where you can get more help from other iMovie users.

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