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Apple computers have long been the tool of choice for recording professionals around the world, but you don't need thousands of dollars worth of gear and a record producer to make professional-sounding recordings. With GarageBand, all you need is an appreciation for music.

GarageBand mixing window
Whether you want to record your musical performances or build up a song using loops, anyone can create a masterpiece with GarageBand.
GarageBand is a multitrack recording application that contains a complete collection of audio tools for experienced recording veterans and novices alike. You can record real audio pieces, play with software instruments, create parts using Apple Loops, add effects, mix your music and play it all back with iTunes or include in your iMovies. Watch these tutorial videos to get started with your own song!

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Tip: Use the built-in GarageBand Help guide on your Mac (in GarageBand, choose Help and then GarageBand Help) to get more in depth and use GarageBand like a pro! Visit the GarageBand Support page and the Discussion Forums where you can get more help from other GarageBand users.

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